Awarded to

Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards

05 Dec 2017

Scouts SA sponsor the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards with our own Scouts SA Leadership Award.


Advanced Training

Training at an advanced level builds on skills gained during Basic training. Advanced Training comprises workbooks, in-service activities, seminars and on the job skills.

Content of Advanced training includes practical application of theories associated with leadership and management, Scouting knowledge, personal development and a specific component relating to the trainees role in Scouting.

Leader of Youth Advanced Curriculum


On completion of Advanced Level training, Leaders receive:

  • Scout Woodbadge and Parchment
  • Membership of the 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group

The Process

The process for undertaking Training for Leaders in South Australia is outlined in the Advanced Training Flowchart


Courses for Advanced Training 2017

To apply for one of the below courses please apply to Scout HQ on an A4 Standard Application Form. Groups are invoiced the course fee. Leaders must send their Pre Course Assignment with their application.


Course A - 17th to 19th March
Woodhouse. Contact Training for details

Course B - 7th to 9th July
Woodhouse. Contact Training for details

Course C - 3rd to 5th November
Scout HQ. Contact Training for details


After receipt of application you will be sent an information letter providing more details of the course including what you must bring.