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Seeonee's legacy for Woodhouse

14 Feb 2018

Important information about Seeonee Hills and it's impact on Woodhouse


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20 Dec 2017


Leader Training


The Adult Training and Development system is specially designed for Australian adults in Scouting and Australian conditions. It complies with the objectives of the World Scout Committee.

The system consists of preliminary, basic, advanced and supplementary training.

Basic training will normally be completed within six months of entry into the Movement. This results in presenting the Gilwell Woggle and the Certificate of Adult Leadership.

Advanced training will normally be completed in three years. This results in presenting the Wood Badge, including a set of wood beads, a parchment and Gilwell Scarf.

Supplementary training programs are also offered in specific areas.

A comprehensive system of Training of Trainers and Assessors, at Basic and Advanced Levels, support the Training and Assessment personnel.