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Come and Celebrate 60 years at Woodhouse Activity Centre!

03 Oct 2017

Come and help Scouts SA celebrate 60 years at Woodhouse Activity Centre! October 15th, 10.00am-4.00pm


Your Ideas for 2017!

28 Apr 2016

The Scout Program is Youth Led, Adult Supported. We're after your ideas for 2017!


Information for PLAs

Leader Mentor information

A PLA (Personal Leader Adviser) is an active Leader who has completed their Woodbadge and is therefore 'fully trained' to act in the capacity as an adviser and mentor to Trainee Leaders.


Resources for PLAs

Basic Training Flowchart

Advanced Training Flowchart

PLA Duty Statement (approved 2013)

Important Information on the PLA role (April 2016)

PLA Aide Memoire (April 2016) 

E-Learning Unit Matrix (to be updated)